You cannot be turned away.

You cannot have treatment withheld.

You cannot have your privacy


You have the right to be treated with respect.


Testing for HIV is like any other medical procedure: it is no one elseís business, including the governments.  Not only is the results of the test protected by law, the fact that you took it is just as private.

Of course, the people who give you the test and your doctor will know some of the details.  But they do this so many time a day, they really have zero interest in any one particular test.  Besides, they are not willing to lose their job just to talk about one individualís test result.

It may sometimes seem like the health system was designed to snoop into you life but donít let that intimidate you.  Find someone you know who was tested and do what they did.

Testing positive for HIV means you have the highest hand at the medical card game.  HIV is the four aces of infections.  No healthcare worker can tell you that you cannot be treated, regardless of your financial condition, whether or not you have an address,  or have taken a bath.  Even if you are being a total pain or skipping out on some other treatment, no one (NO ONE!) can withhold your treatment for HIV.

Simply put, anyone who does tests for HIV has to test you if you ask for it.  They can tell you that you should see this or that person first ó and that might be something for you to think about doing.  But if you decide to be tested for HIV, they must provide a way for you to get the test.

And donít let the paperwork get to you.  Itís just paper.  Sooner or later, they will run out of forms and give you that test.

You have the right

to be tested.

You have the right

to be treated.

You have the right

to support.

Like many diseases, HIV/AIDS does not yet have a cure.  Again, like many other diseases, any cure may be a long way off.

Anyone in our Community with a disease that cannot be cured has the right to appropriate support for as long as is necessary.

This is not up to any doctor, nurse or desk clerk.  You are entitled to care because of the disease, not because of your social or legal status.

That support cannot be refused or taken away unless you refuse it.  If anyone tells you that you do not need it or are not entitled to it, give them this pamphlet to read.

There isnít much to say here: if you discover you are HIV positive, you have the right to be treated, period.  There are no exceptions.

Treatments vary, depending on a lot of things that a healthcare worker can explain better than a pamphlet like this.  But you always have the right for whatever treatment you agree to.

Your right to be tested is absolute.  If you want to be tested, the healthcare community is required to find a way to provide the test.

Their workload may be a problem but is not an excuse for telling you ďnoĒ.  You know your rights, now ó enforce them.